CleanLE2 is a collaborative project coordinated by EPFL and supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, grant number 326000. CleanLE2 is part of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, an aeronautical research program having the mission of developing breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performances of air transport, resulting in quieter and more fuel efficient aircraft. In particular, CleanLE2 belongs to the Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft Integrated Technology Demonstrator (SFWA ITD), which aims to make a step change in transport aircraft fuel consumption by developing promising innovative technologies in the field of wing design (laminar flow) and engine architecture (counter rotating open rotor).

CleanLE2 is a 2 year project comprising 4 partners from Switzerland and France. The goal is to develop a device for cleaning the leading edge of a business jet wing in flight. This is important for new generation, low drag, laminar wings which are very sensitive to the dirt accumulating on the surface. In particular insects impinging on the wing leading edge during take-off and initial climb can disrupt the flow around the wing and increase drag by promoting airflow transition to turbulence. You can get more information about the project on the Project overview page.